Welcome to Public Housing

Currently, the Public Housing Waiting list is OPEN for new applicants.

Admissions Process

When a person or family wishes to reside in Public Housing operated by the Terre Haute Housing Authority, they must submit an application that provides the Housing Authority with the information needed to determine eligibility.
The application requires that the applicant provides copies of birth certificates and social security cards for each person in the household and Photo ID for all adult members. We also need any landlord references, or proof of any residence within the past five (5) years.

The Housing Authority will also conduct a thorough background/criminal check for all adult family members.

The Terre Haute Housing Authority uses a two-step application process. If, at first, the family is income-eligible and passes the reference checks, the family will be placed on the waiting list. The background check will not be conducted until the name reaches the top of that waiting list.

Sex offenders cannot live in Public Housing per U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

An application for admission to the Terre Haute Housing Authority can be picked up on-site at the location where the individual or family would like to live. You may apply for one or multiple properties.

Completed applications must be returned in person to the Housing Authority during normal business hours or by US mail.  Applications must be complete in order to be accepted by the Housing Authority for processing. If an application is incomplete, the Housing Authority will return the application to the family and it will not be accepted until it is completed.

The Housing Authority will place all eligible families that apply for public housing on a waiting list. When a unit becomes available, the Housing Authority will select families from the waiting list in accordance with HUD requirements and Housing Authority policies as stated in its Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy and the annual plan.

Placement on the waiting list does not indicate that the family is, in fact, eligible for admission. Applicants will be placed on the waiting list according to date and time of their completed application being submitted.

You are ultimately responsible for keeping your address and telephone number updated with our office. To report changes, please contact our office at 812-232-1381 immediately.

If we try to contact you either by phone or by US Mail and you are unable to be reached, your application will be withdrawn. If this occurs, you must contact our office to see if your application can be reinstated or if you must reapply.

If you provide false or misleading information on your application, your application could be withdrawn. You have the option to appeal this decision. If you wish to appeal, you may stop by our office NO LATER THAN 14 DAYS of the DATE OF YOUR DENIAL LETTER to request an appeal. 

A printable Appeal Form is located on the left.

It may take two (2) to three (3) weeks until your appeal is heard by the appeal officer. 

At the time of the application process, you will sign a “Debts Owed” form. If you or a family member in the household owes the Terre Haute Housing Authority or any other Housing Authority, your application will be withdrawn until debts are paid. If you left the previous Housing Authority in negative standings, this may affect your application with us. Please consider this when applying.